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MWS Eclipse Fastpitch Softball

Open positions for U18 & U12 Pitcher

To inquire, please contact Tom Fitzgerald, Softball Director / (508) 397 - 0813

Massachusetts Girls Fastpitch Softball Club

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About us

Commitment. Excellence. Dedication...and Fun
MWS Eclipse Fastpitch Softball Club has a mission to develop every young athlete to improve their personal development that is required to reach the next level while also building on their maturity to strive in their future endeavors. 

We emphasis the social independence, mental toughness, and self-responsibility while having a balance with having fun playing the sport we all love. 

A commitment to excellence and a dedication to the athletes will be expected of everyone in our organization along with having fun.

Tom Fitzgerald
Club Director

Tom Fitzgerald

Tom Fitzgerald

MWS Eclipse Fastpitch Softball Director

Phone: 508-397-0813